Partir étudier à l’étranger

Aujourd’hui, je vous partage ma merveilleuse expérience d’avoir étudié à l’étranger. Je suis partie en échange Erasmus en Angleterre l’année dernière. J’y ai passé six mois et j’ai beaucoup appris. En effet, j’ai pu étudier dans une université anglaise et j’avais ma chambre sur le campus (un peu en mode série TV!). C’était super de … Lire la suite Partir étudier à l’étranger

The end…

This is the time to leave… I came back in France last Saturday, I just can’t believe it, the time pasted so fast. Now my semester is finished so I can look behind it and realize the chance I had to live this experience. I met so many different people, they were very friendly, I … Lire la suite The end…

The different ways of thinking I encounted in UK

I encounted differents ways of thinking in Worcester, indeed, English people are realy open-minded and helpful, they look for each other. It is not the same in France, especially in Paris because people are more individualistic. In the North of England, English people do not care about what the others wear or what they said. … Lire la suite The different ways of thinking I encounted in UK


The holidays are finished and I start the second half of the semester. It were really enjoy holidays. In fact, the first week I went to Scoland with six other exchange students. We visited the most part of the country with many places. Indeed, the first day we were in Glasgow, the second day we … Lire la suite Scotland


In two weeks it will be the holidays! But for me is already like holidays. Indeed, I was in Ireland next week end and it was really relaxing except the departure really complicated because I miss my flight. My train to go to the airport was cancelled. The only positive point was I met a … Lire la suite Dublin